9/20 Top Political Headlines

September 20, 2012

* THE MODERATE MITT – NBC News reports “after originally standing by his comments at that May fundraiser in Florida, where he was surreptitiously recorded saying that he can’t win the ’47%’ of Americans who are dependent on the government”, Mitt Romney backed down Wednesday night.  Romney reiterated that this a race about the 100%.  The comments came at a forum in Miami sponsored by Univision.  According to insiders, Romney is doing more than backing down from the “47%” remarks; the GOP frontrunner seems also to be softening his tone on health care, immigration, and gay rights.


* In the first polling following the release of that video, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that 43% of voters view Romney less favorably after viewing the video online.


* New poll from swing state of Wisconsin: Obama 54% Romney 40% (Marquette University Law poll).


* Interesting new poll from ABC News: 22% of registered voters can still be persuaded the change their minds before Election day.


* USA Today is reporting that President Obama and Mitt Romney “will get the 60 Minutes treatment this Sunday in separate interviews with different correspondents.”



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