9/27 Top Political Headlines

September 27, 2012

*On the campaign trail – Congressman Paul Ryan had a simple message for those gathered to hear him speak at America the Beautiful Park: A Mitt Romney administration would support America’s military.  Ryan, speaking just down the street from the Air Force Academy, talked about the joy and hope it brings him to appoint students to the various military academies around the country as a seven-term congressman.


*At two stops in Ohio on Wednesday, President Obama hammered away at Mitt Romney for his lack of support for the auto industry bailout and for investing in companies that moved jobs to China.  Neither line of attack is new, but both continue to allow the president to paint Romney as an outsourcer.


*A day after campaigning in the key battleground state of Ohio, U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are both heading to Virginia, another crucial state in the November election. The president will travel to the coastal city of Virginia Beach, while Romney will speak at a veterans event in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Various public opinion polls show Obama holding a slight advantage over Romney in Virginia. The Democratic incumbent has also opened up a significant lead over his Republican opponent in several other battleground states expected to decide the November 6 election. A new poll released Wednesday shows him leading the former Massachusetts governor 53 to 43 percent in Ohio, and 53 to 44 percent in Florida.

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*What exactly seems to be hurting Mitt Romney in all the major swing states?  In one term – Medicare.  A new Washington Post/Kaiser poll out Thursday finds that voters in three critical swing states – Florida, Ohio and Virginia – broadly oppose the sweeping changes to Medicare proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan and, by big margins, favor Obama over Romney on the issue.



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