A word or two in support of Sunday sales

June 5, 2014

At the forefront of this year’s countywide vote in Oconee to allow the public to decide whether there may be Sunday sales of beer and wine are a restaurant developer and the chamber of commerce. And two representatives, Dick Cottingham and Jillian Lusk, are speaking to 96.3/WGOG NEWS why they will vote yes and why they hope you’ll also vote yes in the November 4 General Election referendum. It’s going to be a binding vote—meaning, that if the referendum carries, the state will be allowed to issue temporary permits in Oconee for a period not to exceed 24 hours “to allow the possession, sale, and consumption of alcoholic liquors by the drink to bona fide nonprofit organizations and business establishments to be licensed for consumption-on-premises sales and to allow the sale of beer and wine at permitted off-premises locations without regard to the days or hours of sales….” Lusk and Cottingham can be heard on this Sunday’s noon hour ‘Community Sound Off.”



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