Angela Hamilton compiled Adams’ history

November 8, 2013

The home development Adams subdivision behind the Seneca Fire Department is known for its single-family homes, a couple of large churches, and a nationwide distinction accorded a 20th century woman referred to last night in high esteem. It fell to Angela Hamilton to wrap a bow around the lively and spirited community meeting where Adams residents railed against Seneca’s plans for a new utilities complex in their neighborhood. And she received the strongest applause of the night when she implored fellow neighbors to fight to keep her neighborhood a place of “exemplary residential life.” A retired history teacher, Hamilton read her account of the history of the Adams subdivision. It was Ploma Martin Adams who laid out plans for the home development and donated property for a school. Hamilton called Adams Seneca’s “foremost female entrepreneur” credited in the early 20th century with having established America’s first conservation farm.




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