Water no protectant from fire


As this picture demonstrates, watercraft is not immune from the potential for fire even if it is in water–such as this watercraft a few days ago in Lake Hartwell.  The snapshot of the fire debris, provided by Fair Play fire and rescue from a call to Lakeshore Drive near I-85 exit 2. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

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Some aspects of Streetscape faster than others

Because there is no water line to replace, the contractor expects Streetscape work on the north side of Main Street will proceed faster than that on the south side.  But it’s mixed bag, as contractor Hutch ‘N Son points out. The time consuming factor will be changing overhead electric lines to underground.  According to today’s report, “We are progressing well on […]

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Chamber hails program a success

Eight high school students are taking part in this year’s “Ambassador” program sponsored by the Greater Walhalla Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Walhalla High School.  The program is being blended into a service learning course taught by the high school’s career center.  According to Vanessa Penton at the chamber, the students volunteer time to help with chamber events and […]

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Spillway gate tests again today

The Army Corps of Engineers conducts more engineering and operations tests again today on spillway gates at the Lake Hartwell Dam.  Tests, at both the Hartwell and Thurmond dams, begin around 10 this morning.  Unlike previous tests conducted at full pool, the test at the Hartwell Dam will have only a few gates open at a time.  At Thurmond, only […]

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Clemson students publish guide to invasive plants

A new publication should help South Carolinians rid their landscapes of kudzu or other invasive plants.  Clemson University and the South Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council teamed up to produce a guide that offers tips and methods to identify invasive plants.  Two Clemson students, Margie Lund and Diego Soriano, researched the state’s most threatening, non-native species.  Copies can be requested […]

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Cell tower approved for Bountyland

Cell phone users are going to be able to rely on a 95-foot monopole tower to give them service in a central part of Oconee County.  The county’s Board of Zoning Appeals last night agreed to allow Verizon to place the tower at 1642 Blue Ridge Boulevard.  There, in the Bountyland Community, according to a representative speaking before the board […]

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“Something good happening out there,” mayor says

  A performance agreement bond is being called a first step by Westminster to rid the city of a blight—especially for those living nearby.  Westminster has announced that the owner and the tenant of the former Beacon Mill property have agreed to post a performance bond to ensure the satisfactory closure of the demolition permit.  Jeff Lord, city administrator, says, […]

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Review of missing drug funds completed


Oconee Sheriff Mike Crenshaw’s lengthy review of the case of the missing drug fund money has resulted in this announcement today:  “I do not see any facts or evidence to indicate the need for further investigation.  Crenshaw says he bases that conclusion on “evidence in this case, interviews with current employees, interviews with various citizens, results of a polygraph test, […]

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