Construction zone to be cleaned up for Oktoberfest


The Streetscape contractor has directed its workers today to start a cleanup in the downtown Walhalla construction area to get ready for Oktoberfest.  Hutch ‘N Son expects Duke Energy to take down some overhead power lines while its crews remove old Main Street poles between Catherine and Tugaloo.  The electrical work is continuing and with a little luck, according to […]

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Three weeks later, fire still a mystery

The Seneca Fire Department has finished its investigation of last month’s destructive fire at the Crescent Point apartments—-without determining why that fire started.  Chief Jan Oliver last night once again stated, for a certainty, that the fire started on a second floor balcony, but his department could not figure out how it started.  Oliver says he’s pinning his hopes now […]

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“We are losing our youth”

One public speaker during last night’s Seneca City Council meeting appealed to those in town with deep pockets to come forward and build a skateboard rink for youngsters.  Standing in front of the mayor and council, Linda Lay said, “We are losing our youth.”  Lay expressed special concern for children in the sixth thru the eighth grades who, she says, […]

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Severe economic consequences predicted in Salem

When a small town loses a school something strikes at the heart of the community.  And the councilwoman who represents Salem envisions severe economic consequences for the town—if the county school trustees vote to close the combination middle and high school  Last night District One’s Edda Cammick renewed her attempt to persuade her Oconee County Council colleagues to commit $250 […]

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Mayor makes statement on the Hammond case


At least for now, the job of the Seneca police chief and those of the police officers involved in what happened to Zachary Hammond are safe.  Mayor Dan Alexander last night conceded that Seneca is a city divided but, he said, there has been a lot of speculation and a lot of lies being told to twist the truth.  Alexander […]

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Westminster re-zoning application tabled

After a hearing last night, Westminster Planning Commission tabled an application to rezone nearly 38 thousand square feet of vacant property in the vicinity of 9200 Long Creek Highway.  Tamy Sanford, code compliance and development coordinator, said the commissioners decided to wait for the finish of the city’s comprehensive plan and the chance to look at land use in the […]

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Work ahead not so noticeable

The next few days the Streetscape project may look quiet, but the contractor says work not so noticeable will be taking place.  Such as waterline testing and sampling.  Ditto for the electrical work, according to contractor Hutch ‘N Son.   “Don’t be concerned.  We are still progressing with the items that don’t create as much excitement.” Tests are scheduled today on […]

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Challenge filed to permit for new poultry house

The state’s decision to permit a new poultry operation near Seneca won’t go unchallenged.  A DHEC spokesman says, at the deadline, one request had been received for what’s called a final review.  And DHEC’s Jim Beasley says that request will go to its full board to determine whether it should be sent to a committee.  Last month the state agency […]

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