Seneca restaurant gathering place for politicos


  Around a coffee table at a Seneca restaurant the conversation is often the latest in current events—especially politics.  And the restaurateur there likes it that way because he has a great interest in national politics.  That’s partly why the Seneca Family Restaurant on By-Pass 123 has been a gathering spot for those aspiring for the White House in next […]

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Fire damages Seneca home


  Two separate fires were discovered late yesterday afternoon at a Seneca home, but no one was hurt.   A bystander and a spokesman for the fire department said no one was home at the time.  Around 5 o’clock smoke was seen coming from a mobile home on Towe Street, near N. Stribling Street.  Fire fighters removed a fire-damaged couch from […]

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Telling the Seneca side of the story

Seneca now has some pros to handle media inquiries about the Zachary Hammond case. The mayor has confirmed the hiring of a public relations firm, saying there is only a certain amount of information that the city can make available while SLED and FBI investigations are in progress.   VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

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Wait 10 days before drawing conclusions

  A district administrator says two to three days into the school year in Oconee County is not enough time to draw conclusions about enrollment numbers at the Tamassee-Salem Middle and High School.  Steve Hanvey, assistant superintendent for operations, says school personnel usually wait 10 days into the year before drawing any conclusions because the numbers are more stable then.  […]

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Last candidate interviewed

The last of the interviews have been conducted with candidates to work as Oconee County’s first-in house attorney.  Scott Moulder, county administrator, confirmed he conducted the interview yesterday—which marked the fifth or sixth interview of those who are considered to be finalists for the job.  Moulder says he is going to make a recommendation to the County Council before hiring […]

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Why he dressed in a camo shirt

Normally Scott Moulder is a tie and jacket man.  But at this week’s meeting of the Oconee County Council, the county administrator wore a camo short emblazoned with Mountain Rest Fire Department.  It was his way to live up to a pledge that he would wear a Mountain Rest fire and rescue shirt at a council meeting once a deal […]

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Reaction to our roundabout story


As South Carolina roads see increasing traffic, an experiment with a new way of moving traffic might hold promise.  And Oconee County has been designated to be part of that experiment.  A DOT official has told us that word should arrive in two weeks of which contractor will get to build Oconee’s first roundabout of modern time.  It’s planned for […]

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Money to grant to the right applicant

An Oconee County group has money to grant to the right applicant.  The county Arts and Historical Commission has $28,795 for projects and grant awards to cover the fiscal year 2016.  Eligible applicants must be non-profit organizations or be a government entity.  The commissioners are looking for projects that positively impact the arts, historical or cultural climate in Oconee County.  […]

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