Carson wows them in Seneca!


  Inside the crowd stood on chairs and tables.  Outside the Seneca Family Restaurant about 100 people stood in anticipation of Dr. Ben Carson’s heal, inspire, and revive campaign for the White House.  The Presidential hopeful appeared today as the third candidate in a series, arranged by the Oconee Republican Party.  “I’ve never seen anything like this,” said one person […]

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Seneca’s Curt Evatt named a Tech commissioner


Seneca’s Curt Evatt is one of the newest community leaders elected to serve on the foundation board of directors for Tri-County Technical College.  Foundation board members raise money to supplement appropriations thereby helping the college to meet the educational needs of tri-county residents.  Evatt serves as president of Oconee Federal Savings and Loan Association, Oconee Federal Financial Corporation and Oconee […]

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I-85 property pricey, suggests project manager

  Oconee County can enjoy greater prosperity if land deals can be made between private property owners and those wishing to develop.  But a county official suggests property along Oconee’s stretch of I-85 may be priced too high.  Russell Johnson, project manager for the Oconee Economic Alliance, told a board if directors meeting that the issue is still no sewer […]

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Covidien to cease operations in October


  A long time Oconee County location where health sector products have been made 50 years or longer will soon be put on the market.  Richard Blackwell, director of Oconee Economic Alliance, announced today that Covidien will officially end operations on highway 28 near Seneca in late October and move the business to Costa Rica.  Covidien’s plans have been known […]

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Reasons for the Michelin waiting game

It’s a question frequently asked.  Will Michelin, in the end, decide to build a major distribution center in Fair Play, inside Oconee County’s Golden Corner Commerce Park.  There are many considerations entering into when and whether Michelin will pull the trigger to make a home in Oconee, as explained today by Richard Blackwell, director of Oconee Economic Alliance.  Blackwell addressed […]

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Three-member panel to disberse Oconee’s $4.8 million

Sam Dickson, Tally Grant, and Richard Cottingham make up Oconee’s State “C” Fund Committee and, in that capacity, those three men are getting the authority to disburse the county’s state share of money for secondary road improvements.  Dickson, who serves, as chairman, said this morning it’ll amount to $4.8 million.  Which he says sounds like a lot of money but […]

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“The Donald” coming to Seneca?

Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Dr. Ben Carson and, possibly, Carli Fiorina, all have spoken or will speak in Seneca, in individual forums arranged by the Oconee Republican Party.  But what about the man who, the polls say, is the Republican to beat, about a year away from the party’s convention?  Will Donald Trump make a Seneca appearance.  Asked this morning […]

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Seneca releases statement on Hammond case

Thru its new public relations firm, Seneca has a new way of dealing with media inquiries about the July 26 shooting death of Zachary Hammond.  City Administrator Greg Dietterick said it’s about getting accurate information released and to provide the media with a process for getting information.  Dietterick made this following statement:  “Many media stories have been written, and will […]

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A look at the numbers show Oconee in good position

  An admitted nerd when it comes to economic development, Richard Blackwell pored over some numbers that show Oconee County, when compared to others, is in a good position.  Blackwell, the county’s economic development director, has looked at job and wage figures and believes they bode well.  The latest jobless numbers for Oconee and the state are out today.  For […]

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