Conservationists build kitty, incrementally

January 7, 2014

Eddie MartinThe local conservation movement, under the umbrella of Oconee County, set further about today to build a kitty to reach its objectives. At a meeting today at Pine Street, the county Conservation Bank Board accepted a new donation. This one amounted to $1 thousand dollars and was presented by Eddie Martin, on behalf of the group Oconee Forever. According to Chairman Shea Airey, the conservation bank board won’t be buying private property. Instead, it’ll award grants to private landowners to ensure their properties remain free of commercial development. The board thanked Martin and also expressed gratitude for Paul and Casey Corbeil’s recent $25 contribution. The board then turned its attention as to how it could qualify for grants from organizations interested in land conservation. Board member Frank Ables said the Oconee Farm Bureau may be interested in making an annual donation to the cause. He also said “a leading agricultural lender” might also be interested in becoming a contributor.




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