CWTP records impressive rainfalls

June 11, 2013

In a three-day period, Oconee’s wastewater plant recorded more than three inches of rainfall. The Coneross plant at Seneca is in the business of treating wastewater but sometimes, such as this week, heavy rain creates issues. “The system was functioning, for sure,” said Bob Winchester, executive director of the Joint Regional Sewer Authority. In the Martin Creek basin, between Seneca and Clemson, the treatment plant relies on a one-year old three million gallon equalization tank to store wastewater and prevent overflows. According to Winchester, the equalization tank is working. But the JRSA remains dissatisfied with results of other work by the Wateree Company and has been pursuing “liquidated damages.” Wateree served as general contractor for recent upgrades to the Martin Creek basin. Winchester said today the commissioners are probably one meeting away from voting on “which way we move.”




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