Held since early 2012, he awaits trial the longest

September 5, 2013

Inmate Timothy Ray Wirtz of Walhalla told Judge McIntosh this morning he wants to get his charges before the court. But it still may be weeks or longer before the state is ready to proceed with the case which alleges, among other charges, armed robbery, kidnapping and burglary. Deputy Solicitor David Wagner acknowledged that Wirtz, since his arrest in February 2012, has been held the longest in the Oconee Jail—awaiting his day in court. But Wagner blamed part of the delay on the defendant, saying Wirtz has gone through “four or five attorneys.” Based on the seriousness of the alleged offenses, McIntosh ruled Wirtz a danger to the community. Defense lawyer Delane Rosemond’s motion to set a bond was denied. The judge asked all parties to schedule the case for trial for the middle of October.




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