Lawsuit alleging slip and fall in OC jail dismissed

December 31, 2013

Court records show that the parties involved in a case of alleged slip and fall in the Oconee Detention Center have ended their legal proceeding. A document on file in the Common Pleas Court show the attorneys involved in Randolph against Oconee Detention Center have agreed to a stipulation of dismissal “with prejudice”—-meaning the conclusion of each party’s rights as if the action had been prosecuted to a final decision adverse to the plaintiff. In the case, it was alleged that Undre Randolph had slipped, tripped and fell on water in a hallway of the detention center. And it claimed that Randolph slipped and fell while on crutches and while on his way to the recreation yard.


WGOG > News > Lawsuit alleging slip and fall in OC jail dismissed



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