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Kris Butts of The Golden Corner's Morning Show on 96.3 WGOG

Kris Butts of The Golden Corner’s Morning Show on 96.3 WGOG


1360696731-florida_georgia_lineFlorida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Got Hustled Out of $700 in a Bathroom

TYLER HUBBARD of FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE lost $700 gambling in a bathroom during Super Bowl week.  Quote, “This guy had a flat board with three caps and a piece of paper under one of them.  I was like ‘I could win this game.’  Next thing you know, he took me for $700 or $800.”

Lee Ann Womack Says Old School Drinking Songs Were More About Regret Than Partying

LEE ANN WOMACK believes old school drinking songs had a “feeling of remorse” to them.  That’s different than today’s, which are all about partying.  And her advice to young female artists is to “go with your gut and don’t give up.”



The Top Interesting Facts About Earthquakes

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new movie“San Andreas” opening today, it’s a good time to check out this Morning Show Big List of The Top Interesting Facts About Earthquakes.

1) In addition to causing tsunamis and tidal waves, earthquakes have also been known to awaken a furious Godzilla.

2) The only thing that’s caused more property damage in Southern California is Charlie Sheen.

3) When an earthquake starts, you’re supposed to “drop, cover, and hold on.”  Which also works if you’re in a car driven by Lindsay Lohan.

4) Earthquake severity is measured by how many Kardashians Tweeted about it.

5) There are thousands of earthquakes every year that nobody even notices.  So they’re kind of like Steven Seagal movies.

6) When putting together an earthquake survival kit, it’s important to include a few Kevin James movies, to remind you things could be WAY worse.

7) They rarely happen in North Dakota . . . but then again, NOTHING ever happens in North Dakota.

8) Experts agree that if earthquakes should cause California to fall into the ocean, Arizona will finally become interesting.

wounded-warrior-1024A Combat Veteran Gave Brantley Gilbert His Purple Heart

BRANTLEY GILBERT went on a two-day motorcycle ride with a group of combat veterans, and they totally bonded.  One of the soldiers actually gave him his Purple Heart.  Brantley was so moved he gave him the rosary he wears every day to show that he’s not alone in the journey.

Jake Owen Enjoys Impromptu Fishing Excursions on the Road

If you’d like to “casually” run into JAKE OWEN when he comes to your town, then keep a fishing rod in your car, and your eyes peeled.  He brings his own Jeep so he can sneak off to do some angling whenever the mood strikes. He says, quote, “I like the freedom of being able to pop out and drive around town.  And I keep a fishing rod in the Jeep in case I run across a pond or a lake.  It’s never too late to throw a line in the water.” Check out his tour schedule at

billyNews Flash: Billy Currington Hates the Cold, Loves the Summer

BILLY CURRINGTON’s new album “Summer Forever” is out next week . . . and if you ask him, he really would like it if summer never ended.  “I’m a big fan of not being cold.  I grew up in the warmth.  I grew up in the sunshine most of the year. We probably had one month of some cool weather down in South Georgia.  So every time summer comes, I think beach, I think lakes . . . whatever . . . just being outside.”



The Top Signs You’re at a Bad Graduation

Graduation ceremonies can be memorable and inspiring, but unfortunately, sometimes they really drag on.  Here is the Morning Show Big List of  The Top Signs You’re at a Bad Graduation.

1) Nobody graduates.

2) The commencement speaker goes, “Blah, blah, blah . . . You’re all condemned to crippling student loan debt.”

3) Speaker Charlie Sheen is hard to understand through all the stuttering and sniffling.

4) It’s a college and all the graduates are handed two pieces of paper:  Their diploma and a Starbucks application.

5) You recognize the commencement speaker as the guy who rang you up yesterday at the Sunglass Hut.

6) Instead of booking a speaker, they set up a projector and screen “Paul Blart 2″.

brad_paisleyfortopBrad Paisley Has Mixed Emotions About Rock Stars Going Country

BRAD PAISLEY is okay with rock stars going country, as long as they’re sincere.  Quote, “If anybody wants to be in country, we’ll welcome them with open arms and a fair amount of skepticism.”  He points to DARIUS RUCKER as someone who did it right, and adds, “we’re certainly wide open to it.”

Miranda Lambert Is Afraid of Snakes

We know MIRANDA LAMBERT is a hunter who can bag a wild hog and carve it up for dinner.  But she does have limitations. asked what she’s afraid of and she said, quote, “A physical thing is snakes.  I don’t like snakes at all.” She’s also afraid of losing the people she loves but I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has the same fear. Asked if there are misconceptions her fans may have about her, she said, quote, “Early on, everybody thought I was a wild child, gun toting crazy person.  But I feel like over the years they’ve seen my softer side.”

jake_owen_bannerJake Owen Bought His Fans Lunch at the Waffle House

There’s a line in JAKE OWEN’s new single “Real Life” that talks about having “real food” at the Waffle House.  So, to celebrate the song’s release on Tuesday he promised to buy lunch for fans who showed at one of their locations in Nashville. They did, so he posted an Instagram video of them hanging out.



joJake Owen Made a Brilliant PR Move . . . By Cutting His Hair

JAKE OWEN is still shocked at how nuts everyone went after he cut his hair.  He says, quote, “I still think it’s weird.  I cut it over a month and a half ago and everybody still asks me about it, it cracks me up.  My brother said, ‘You don’t need a publicist, you just needed a haircut.’”










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