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Kris Butts of The Golden Corner’s Morning Show on 96.3 WGOG



frankieFrankie Ballard Wants to see Rock Stars Mowing the Lawn in Leather Pants

 FRANKIE BALLARD thinks performers should look the part, all the time.  Quote, “I want my rock stars mowing the lawn in leather pants.  That’s the way you want to see them as a fan.  That’s part of the show business.”







garthGarth Brooks Explains Which Artists are “Punks”. Hint: It’s Everyone, Including Him

 GARTH BROOKS has a great take on how every performer views his or her peers.  Quote, “Everybody that comes before you is a God, everybody that comes after you is a punk, and that’s kind of how it is.”



Zac Brown Band’s “Homegrown” Video Is all Clips from Fans

 The ZAC BROWN BAND wanted the video for “Homegrown” to be real . . . so they asked fans to send footage of their hometown.  It worked to the tune of over 1,000 submissions, and more than four hours of footage.

Brad_PaisleyfortopBrad Paisley Compares the Art of Recording to the Art of Painting

BRAD PAISLEY says the best things that happen in the studio are unexpected.  He compares it to what an artist goes through.  Quote, “It’s completely like painting.  You paint yourself into a corner at times and have to figure your way out.”






Blake Shelton Thinks Miranda Lambert is Prettier Without Her Makeupmiranda-lambert-no-makeup-beauty-instagram-lead

MIRANDA LAMBERT doesn’t wear a lot of makeup when she’s home, which is fine with BLAKE SHELTONbecause he likes her that way.  She says, quote, “He’s one of those dudes who’s like, ‘You look prettier without it.’”








The Top Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Are you excited about today being Earth Day?  If not, we have some ideas that might help you get into it on this Morning Show Big List of The Top Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day.

1) Spend three days trampling a grassy field, dropping empty water bottles and old glow sticks on it, and driving away in gas-guzzling SUVs.  Or, as environmentally-conscious young adults call it:  An Earth Day celebration.

2) Conserve energy by lying on the couch all day binge-watching “Good Times”.

3) Keep up your daily routine of constantly bragging to people how much you’re doing for the environment by driving a Prius.

4) If you work in Hollywood, keep up the good work of constantly recycling old movies and TV shows.

5) Sit in your Hummer at a fast food drive-thru for 20 minutes waiting for a meal packed in Styrofoam.

6) Reshoot “Furious 7″ with smart cars.

Jake-Owen1Jake Owen Constantly Worries About the Safety of His Baby on the Tour Bus

JAKE OWEN usually takes his wife and daughter on tour, so tour bus safety is a much bigger concern for him.  Quote, “My little girl sleeps right above my wife and I . . . People don’t know the feeling of being dead asleep and all of a sudden feeling rumble strips.”




Luke Bryan Believes It’s an Artist’s Duty to Sign Autographs and Pose for Photos

LUKE BRYAN believes it’s an artist’s duty to sign autographs and pose for photos.  He also thinks fans should never shy away from asking because that may be their only chance . . . and they should “get it while they can.”

WILLIE NELSON is launching his own brand of legal marijuana called Willie’s Reserve . . . and he promises it’ll be “the best on the market.”  You can only buy it in Colorado and the state of Washington, which is where recreational marijuana is legal.






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