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Tri-County Ace Trivia:


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19: According to a recent poll, this is now the most popular place to eat breakfast in all of America. Where is it?

ANSWER: Your own car!

Congratulations to Tim Ellis of Seneca!


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18: According to experts, this is the most popular United States landmark for tourists. What is it?

ANSWER: Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay

Congratulations to Mary Lachambre of West Union!


MONDAY, OCTOBER 17: Coca-Cola is the most well-known brand in the world. What do you think, according to a new study, is the 2nd best-known brand in the world?

ANSWER: Colgate!

Congratulations to Teresa Hannah!


MONDAY, OCTOBER 10: It is now illegal to go to sleep in this location….which means it obviously became a problem at some point. Who passed this regulation?


Congratulations to Brian White of Westminster!


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7: What’s the most common nickname people give their future unborn child?

Answer: Peanut!

Congratulations to Tony Norris!


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4: This television character has appeared on 9 different shows, more than any other character in TV history. What TV character is it?

ANSWER: Detective John Munch, played by Richard Belzer! (Munch has appeared on Homicide Life on the Street, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, The Wire, The X Files, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Sesame Street, & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


MONDAY, OCTOBER 3: One in 20 American adults now have this, and that means more Americans have this than at any other time in history. What is it?

ANSWER: A million bucks (or more)!

Congratulations to Swain Still!


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: The clause in the 25th Amendment giving temporary Presidential power to the Vice President has been invoked three times in this country. Each time it was for the same, specific reason. What was that reason?

ANSWER: All three instances where when the sitting president was undergoing a colonoscopy

Congratulations to Michelle Westmoreland of Walhalla!


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: E-books are becoming increasingly popular. What was the first work to be available in e-book form?

ANSWER: The Declaration of Independence! (A student at the University of Illinois digitized it to distribute around the world in 1971).

Congratulations to Colton Gibson of Fair Play!


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26: A new poll of American women reveals this to be the #1 thing they want to change about their mother. What is it?

ANSWER: Their hairstyle!

Congratulations to Retha Gilliam of Seneca!


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23: According to a new survey, this is the thing we adults most consistently forget. What is it?

ANSWER: What day of the week it is!

Congratulations to Matt Poore!


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: Who is Sam Byrd and why do we remember him?

ANSWER: The only person who’s played in a World Series AND the Masters! (Sammy Byrd played with the New York Yankees when they won the World Series in 1932, then quit to play golf.  Then he won 11 tournaments and finished third at the Masters in 1941.)

Congratulations to Jeff Johnson of Seneca!


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20: Seventy-five percent of people under the age of 40 eat at least one of THESE a week…most people eat more than that. It is considered the #1 food item for people under the age of 40. What is it?

ANSWER: Burritto!

Congratulations to Tim Ellis of Seneca!


Bantam Chef Cheeseburger Plate Birthday Winner:

Andera Stroud (October 19)

Ken Reid (October 18)

Campbell Parris (October 17)

Alan Duncan (October 10)

Mark Moore (October 7)

Mike Manis (October 4)

Dianne Reid (October 3)

Colt Smith (September 28

Bill Willard (September 27)

Dwayne Head (September 26)

Bruce Blackwell (September 23)

April Jones (September 22)

Jason Kelley (September 20)