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Tri-County Ace Trivia:


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16: Out of all the animated movies made by Disney, there are only two in which both parents are featured and neither of them dies during the film. Name one of the two movies.

ANSWER: “101 Dalmatians” and “Peter Pan”! Congratulations to Tracy Johnson of Seneca!


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15: When it comes to Christmas we most often think of this as something done by males. However, there is strong evidence that it is something done by mostly females. What is it?

ANSWER: Most of Santa’s reindeer have male-sounding names, such as Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid. However, male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmas, so the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are likely not male, but female.

Congratulations to Debra Hancox of Seneca!


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14:This happening, which takes place most often in December, only lasts about 37 seconds on average, according to a new study. What is it?

ANSWER: A child sitting on Santa’s lap!

Congratulations to Robin Davis!


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13: This is so wrong, but according to a new study, this is how the majority of Americans determine whether they want to be friends with someone or not. What is it?

ANSWER: By type of cell phone the person has! Congratulations to Becky Smith!


MONDAY, DECEMBER 12: According to a new study, having this at home (or work) greatly increases your chance of having a heart attack. What is it?

ANSWER: Slow internet!


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9: It’s the one thing adults most frequently admit to using as a child and still use today. In fact, 75% of American adults say they still use one. What is it?

ANSWER: A piggy bank!

Congratulations to Eric Blakely!


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8: Movie experts say this is the movie most likely to make you cry. What is it?

ANSWER: The Lion King!

Congratulations to Doris Owens of Seneca!


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7: Originally made in 1875 to help with the production of butter, this is still used by more than 50 million people What is it?

ANSWER: Treadmill!

Congratulations to Rosa Barker!


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6:  If you did not do this at 6:38 this morning, then you missed the best time of the week to do this, according to experts. What is it?

ANSWER:Call in sick to work!

Congratulations to James Bowen!


MONDAY, DECEMBER 5: According to a recent survey, the theme song for this TV show is the #1 television theme song of all time. What show is it?

ANSWER: The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire!

Congratulations to TJ Watts!

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2: When it comes to losing things, according to a new report, women almost never lose this – it’s almost always the man. In fact, men lose this 75% more often than women do. What is it?

ANSWER: Their Hearing!

Congratulations to Gene Graveley!


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1: According to a new survey, this is the event that is most likely to make us yell for “HELP!” What is it?

ANSWER: Running out of toilet paper!

Congratulations to Nate Duncan of Seneca!


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30: According to a new study, this is the most stolen item in America, with one stolen every 90 seconds. What is it?

ANSWER: Shopping carts!

Congratulations to Don Orr of Salem!


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29: According to a new survey, a majority of Americans, more than half, list this as their New Year’s Resolution for 2016. What is it?

ANSWER: To find a new job!

Congratulations to Bo Davis!


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28: A recent survey asked women what they want to change about their man. #1 was how he dresses. #2 was what he eats. What was #3?

ANSWER: She wants to change who he’s friends with!

Congratulations to Rick Ertzberger!


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23: A new survey finds that this is the most un-thoughtful gift you can give someone at Christmas. What is it?

ANSWER: Hand or body lotion!

Congratulations to Clint Watkins of Westminster!


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22: A new survey reveals most Americans view this as the most overpaid and pointless job in America. What is it?

ANSWER: college or pro basketball coach!

Congratulations to Albert Hay!


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21: A new study is out revealing that the average American child only does this for about 37 seconds. What is it?

ANSWER: Sit on Santa’s Lap!

Congratulations to Dianne Lusk of Walhalla!


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18: When Donald Trump and Mike Pence won the Presidential election they became the first winning Republican ticket since 1928 to not have this. What is it?

ANSWER: To not have someone named Bush or Nixon on the ballot!

Congratulations to Anita Blakely!


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17: What star athlete is in the news this week for saying he wants President-Elect Trump to name him to an Executive Office position, but he can no longer reach Mr. Trump on the phone. Who is it?

ANSWER: Herschel Walker! (Walker played for the New Jersey Generals, the USFL team owned by Trump).

Congratulations to Tyler Bagwell!


Bantam Chef Cheeseburger Plate Birthday Winner:

Andy Schwery (December 16)

Sonya Medlin (December 15)

Jessica Rogers (December 14)

Bonnie Galloway (December 13)

Marcie Hardee (December 12)

Rachel Baker (December 9)

Sandy Lusk (December 8)

Justin Morgan (December 7)

Liam Alton Williams (December 6)

Kansas Bryant (December 5)

Kimberly Thomas Williams (December 2)

Carol Cassell (December 1)

Todd Gibson (November 30)

Martha Prater (November 29)

T.J. Galloway (November 28)

Rudolph Wald (November 24)

Shonda Ratcliff (November 23)

Cody Talley (November 22)
Bill Galloway (November 21)

Sue McAlister (November 18)

Harold Gibson (November 17)