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Tri-County Ace Trivia:


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24: Twenty-five percent of American adults to which this applies say it is their biggest life regret. What is it?

ANSWER: What they named their children!

Congratulations to Diane Lusk of Walhalla!


TUESDAY, AUGUST 23: A new survey reveals that American women prefer to get a compliment about this more than anything else. What is it?

ANSWER: Their handbag or purse.

Congratulations to Maureen Whitman of Six Mile!


MONDAY, AUGUST 22: A new survey asked people to rank the little pleasures that make life worth living. What came in at number one?

ANSWER: Sleeping on clean sheets!

Congratulations to Colton Gibson of Fair Play! 


FRIDAY, AUGUST 19: According to a new report, more Americans are now addicted to this than to smoking. In fact, Americans spent $350 million in 2015 to feed this addiction. What is it?

ANSWER: Chap Stick

Congratulations to Denise Vaughn of Seneca!


THURSDAY, AUGUST 18: A new poll asked American men the things they are most afraid of. Coming in contact with a shark ranked as the #2 fear, but this ranked #1. What is it? 

ANSWER: Proposing marriage

Congratulations to Leonard Loudermilk of Walhalla!


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17: According to a recent study, this is the item most often stolen from inside American cars. What is it?

ANSWER: Airbags

Congratulations to Larry Foster!


MONDAY, AUGUST 15: A new study says the average American right now has three of these. Just five years ago at this time, we averaged only 1. What is it?

ANSWER: Bills that are past due!

Congratulations to Mary Wilson of Seneca!


FRIDAY, AUGUST 12: Believe it or not, we’re entering the healthiest time of year of American men. Experts say, on average, men will burn an extra 3600 calories a week by doing this over the next few months. What is it?

ANSWER: Watching football games on TV.

(Average of 1200 calories are burned per game watched on TV.)

Congratulations to Teresa Sills of Seneca!


THURSDAY, AUGUST 11: A new report out yesterday, estimates…if you have a teenage daughter aged 15, she’ll do this an average of 170 times. What is it?

ANSWER: Slam a door in anger

Congratulations to Lisa Murphy of Seneca!


TUESDAY, AUGUST 9: A new survey finds this is the #1 way Americans calm down after being angry.

ANSWER: They eat ice cream!

Congratulations of Colton Gibson of Fair Play!


MONDAY, AUGUST 8: GQ Magazine recently questioned American men about their secrets. They found this to be the #1 thing men try to keep secret, and they are trying to hide it from their wives and mothers. What is it?

ANSWER: That they own a motorcycle!

Congratulations to Kristen Stevenson!


FRIDAY, AUGUST 5: According to a new report, the majority of serious burns to the human body are the result of this. What is it?

ANSWER: Pizza that is too hot!

Congratulations to Brad Stancil


THURSDAY, AUGUST 4: According to a new survey of American women, this is the #1 thing they look for when entering a man’s home for the first time, and if they find it, chances are the relationship is doomed. What is it?

ANSWER: Dishes in the sink!

Congratulations to Roger Rholetter!


THURSDAY, JULY 28: A new study proves this to be the item most frequently stolen from American restaurants. What is it?

ANSWER: Toilet Paper!

Congratulations to Rick Ertzberger!


WEDNESDAY, JULY 27: According to a new report, this is biggest week of the year for the sales of this item for your home, and there’s an upcoming reason for it. Sales of this triple during the last week of July. What is it?

ANSWER: Recliners (as people get ready for the start of football season)

Congratulations to Luke Stone of Seneca!


TUESDAY, JULY 26: According to a new survey, American women say this is the food they will most likely eat when trying to lose weight. What is it?

ANSWER: Baby Food!


MONDAY, JULY 25: In home entertainment, this is very outdated, so you may be surprised that 6.5 million Americans are still using it. What is it?

ANSWER: Rabbit-ear antennas!

Congratulations to Rick Ertzberger!


Bantam Chef Cheeseburger Plate Birthday Winner:

Rickey Deaton (August 24)

Barry Neal (August 23)

Brent Veronee (August 22)

Christopher Gimus (AUGUST 19)

Carrie Ratliff (AUGUST 18)

Angela Pierce (AUGUST 17)

Kimberly Collins Crenshaw (AUGUST 16)

Tristen Harris (AUGUST 15)

Michelle Foster (AUGUST 12)

Rev. Mark Bagwell (AUGUST 11)

Treena Powers (AUGUST 9)

Jane Burrell (AUGUST 8)

Chris Kelley (AUGUST 5)

Carol Lee (JULY 28)

Larry Lawhorne (JULY 27)

Kate Wempe (JULY 26)

Frances Rowland (JULY 25)