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Tri-County Ace Trivia:


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26: A new poll of American women reveals this to be the #1 thing they want to change about their mother. What is it?

ANSWER: Their hairstyle!

Congratulations to Retha Gilliam of Seneca!


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23: According to a new survey, this is the thing we adults most consistently forget. What is it?

ANSWER: What day of the week it is!

Congratulations to Matt Poore!


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: Who is Sam Byrd and why do we remember him?

ANSWER: The only person who’s played in a World Series AND the Masters! (Sammy Byrd played with the New York Yankees when they won the World Series in 1932, then quit to play golf.  Then he won 11 tournaments and finished third at the Masters in 1941.)

Congratulations to Jeff Johnson of Seneca!


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20: Seventy-five percent of people under the age of 40 eat at least one of THESE a week…most people eat more than that. It is considered the #1 food item for people under the age of 40. What is it?

ANSWER: Burritto!

Congratulations to Tim Ellis of Seneca!


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19: Ninety percent of the American public say they hate this new technology and that we have finally gone too far. What is it?

ANSWER: Credit/Debit Cards with chips

Congratulations to Krissy Boggs of Seneca!


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16: According to a new study, this is the phrase most commonly seen on food products in the grocery store. What is it?

ANSWER: “Serving Suggestion”

No Winner


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15: You may have seen an interesting new poll that revealed a small percentage of Americans claim to refuse to do this because…not doing it adds excitement to their lives. What are they not doing?

ANSWER: Using a turn signal!

Congratulations to Jennie Hamby!


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14: In a survey of newlyweds, what was the #1 complaint about the first year of marriage?

ANSWER: Not enough alone time!

Congratulations to Tracey Johnson of Seneca!


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13: Based on results of a new survey, this is the most popular date night activity for American college students. What is it?

ANSWER: Bowling!

Congratulations to Maureen Whitman of Six Mile!


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12: A new survey of American women says this is the most difficult food to make for their family. Over 40% of women say they cannot cook this.  What is it?ANSWER: Spaghetti!

Congratulations to Connie McClain!


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8: A new survey reveals this is the biggest lie men tell to our co-workers. What is it?

ANSWER: That we like to play golf

Congratulations to Dianne Lusk of Walhalla!


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7: When talking about potential husbands, a recent survey revealed this to be the #1 thing women say a husband should know how to do. What is it?ANSWER: They should know how to fix a toilet

Congratulations to Colton Gibson of Fair Play!


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6: According to a new survey, the people we view as being the most over-paid are the ones with this job. What is it?

ANSWER: Basketball coach

Congratulations of Sammy Hendricks of Seneca!


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2: A new survey reveals this to be the most obnoxious thing you can do with a cell phone. What is it?

ANSWER: Leaving the keyboard clicks on

Congratulations to Shay Lusk of Seneca!


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31: The most recurring dreams include 1) falling 2) being chased and what is number 3?

ANSWER: Being back in school as an adult

Congratulations to Cindy Hafner of Walhalla!


TUESDAY, AUGUST 30:  According to new numbers, this is the single most dangerous animal in America. What is it?

ANSWER: White Tailed Deer (according to the Insurance Information Institute)

Congratulations to Tim Ellis of Seneca!


MONDAY, AUGUST 29: According to a recent study, the morning routine, including driving the kids to school, is way smoother is mom does this. What is it?

ANSWER: Remains in her PJs

Congratulations to Scott Holbrooks of Seneca!


Bantam Chef Cheeseburger Plate Birthday Winner:

Dwayne Head (September 26)

Bruce Blackwell (September 23)

April Jones (September 22)

Jason Kelley (September 20)

Cheyenne Howard (September 16)

Jason T. Rowland (September 15)

Chris Turner (September 14)

Kayla Brown (September 13)

Nancy Schwery (September 12)

Jessie George (September 9)

Heather Teasley (September 8)

Bud Duncan (September 7)

Rosa Kelly (September 6)

Thomas Morkos (September 2)

Jerry Stewart (September 1)

Brittany Maher (August 31)

Sarah Duval (August 30)

Kelly Hardy (August 29)