Morning Trivia presented by The Paint Place

WGOG’s Morning Trivia Challenge is brought to you each morning at 7:20 AM by The Paint Place,  “Your Partner In Paint”, located in Wyndham Plaza, Clemson Boulevard in Seneca. Call Mike and Steve at 882-4440.

Monday, 3/24/2014-In America, we spend a little over a billion dollars on this a year:  Answer:  Chewing gum.


Thursday, 3/13/14: A panel of America’s top doctors recently reported that eating this with every meal helps you in weight loss much more than diet supplements. What is it? ANSWER: Hot Sauce! (Congratulations to Diane Lusk)

Wednesday, 3/12/14:
A recent study found the most frequent time for doing this is 9:11 PM. What is it? ANSWER: When people are putting on pajamas! (Congratulations to Jamie Little of Seneca)

________________________________________________________________________________Tuesday, 3/11/14: A recent poll asked American men when they find a woman most desirable. This was the most frequent answer. ANSWER: When she wears glasses!


Monday, 3/10/14: A recent survey of college students asked them to name the perfect roommate while away at school. The vast majority named this person. Who is it? ANSWER: Their mom!


Friday, 3/7/14: According to a recent survey in a leading ladies magazine, this, not looks, is the #1 thing women find desirable in a man. What is it? ANSWER: The ability to cook (Congratulations to Pam Porter)

________________________________________________________________________________Thursday, 3/6/14: A new reports says only three Americans, all of them women, can lay claim to this. What is it? ANSWER: Being born in the 1800′s. (Congratulations to Swain Still)

________________________________________________________________________________Wednesday, 3/5/14: A new report from America’s psychologists says this television character is the perfect example of the American male.  Who is it? ANSWER: George Costanza from Seinfeld! (Congratulations to Sean Connelly of Clemson!)


Tuesday, 3.4.14: A new survey finds 65% of Americans have this non-clothing item in their closet. What is it? ANSWER: A Scrabble game! (Congratulations to Denise Oliver of Seneca!)

________________________________________________________________________________Monday, 3/3/14: This person has won the most acting Oscars, i.e. Best Actor or Best Actress. Who is it? ANSWER: Katherine Hepburn (Congratulations to Rhonda Grant of Seneca)

________________________________________________________________________________Friday, 2/28/14: “Gone With The Wind” was the first color movie to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. This movie was the last black and white film to win the honor. What is it? ANSWER: “The Artist” in 2012! (Congratulations to Denise Vaughn)


Thursday, 2/27/14: A survey asked, what you wish you could write off on your tax return, but can’t? This was the number one answer. ANSWER: Visits to Starbucks! (Congratulations to Pat Simmons)


Wednesday, 2/26/14: According to a recent study, this very popular TV show is only good if you watch it with a group of people. It stinks if you watch it alone. What is it? ANSWER: Big Bang Theory (Congratulations to Travis Watkins of Walhalla)


Monday, 2/24/14: British scientists recently conducted a study that verified the existence of this “Situation”, which we’ve all talked about for years. What is it? ANSWER: The Monday Blues! (Congratulations to Chad Lusk of Seneca)


Friday, 2/21/14: In a recent travel survey, 9 out of 10 people said they would be happy if this was banned. What is it? ANSWER: Reclining seats on an airplane. (Congratulations to Brad Henderson)


Thursday, 2/20/14: According to a new magazine survey, 65% of American men say this turns them on. What is it? ANSWER: Female Superheros! (Congratulations to Maureen Whitman of Seneca)


Wednesday, 2/19/14: What is the most popular name for a street in the United States? ANSWER: 2nd Street! (Congratulations to Stephanie Wallis of Pendleton!


Tuesday, 2/18/14: In New York, what is 12′ wide, 23′ long, and 15′ high and will cost you $1 million? ANSWER: A Parking Space! (Congratulations to Patricia Roberts of Central)


Monday, 2/17/14: For President’s Day, which Presidential signature is most valuable? ANSWER: Williams Henry Harrison (Harrison died in office after only serving 31 days, so there are less than 50 signed documents that exist from his short time in office.) Congratulations to Roger Neal.






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