No apology for “tirade” in favor of public safety

July 9, 2014

As chairman of the county’s public safety committee, Wayne McCall made no apology last night for launching into what he conceded was a tirade for more public safety throughout Oconee County. The District Two county councilman said, as elected officials, it’s the council’s responsibility to do its best to ensure that everyone stay as safe as possible. McCall led his committee on a discussion on the lack of a boat launch for emergency responders, along with what appears to be an increasing number of dangerous snakes and other reptiles kept by private citizens as pets. McCall expressed frustration that, after more than two years, county emergency responders have yet to receive approval to use Mosquito Point for fire and rescue boat launches. About halfway up the lake, Mosquito Point not far from the Oconee Nuclear Station is regarded by officials as an ideal spot to keep boats at the ready. After McCall led a discussion with Sheriff Mike Crenshaw and local reptile handler Lamar Digby Jr., the committee decided to request Oconeeans who keep cobras, timber rattlers and other dangerous reptiles to voluntarily post caution signs at the front and back of their homes. According to Sheriff Crenshaw, this would be particularly helpful to law enforcement and other responders when they respond to locations without knowing about the types of potentially dangerous animals inside. For now, the committee stopped short of requiring permits or registrations.



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