OMC board hears financial reports

February 26, 2013

Oconee Medical Center reports a positive bottom line in January. It’s the fourth straight month for a positive margin for the hospital. Expenses fell below budget in January and that, according to hospital officials, helped produce a positive January margin of $1.4 million. But the final ink applied to the hospital’s ledgers for the year ended last September 30, however, is not as rosy. OMC ended 2011-2012 in the hole by the amount of $2.8 million. Yet the loss was about $1.1 million less than 2010-2011. From the accounting firm Dixon, Hughes and Goodman came the audit report for 2011-2012 According to Scott Yandle, some accounting adjustments were made, including a $31 thousand investment in the Clemson Health Center. Mike Kelly, reporting internal control matters, complimented OMC financial officer Kevin Herbert for willingness to make better what were found as deficiencies. While a couple of significant deficiencies were identified, Kelly said, no material weaknesses were found.



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