TCTC Time Capsule

October 23, 2012

“Time keeps on slipping, into the future.”  That could be a theme song for an special event at Tri County Technical College.  Tri County Technical college will celebrate its 50th anniversary with bit of nostalgia for its 2062 graduating class.  The College President Ronnie Booth will bury a 2x2x2 “time capsule” during a ceremony atNoon Wednesday (Oct 24) outside the student center.  The time capsule will contain symbolic items, ranging from graduation program and college publications to presidential election bumper stickers.  Coordinator of Student life and counseling services, Croslena Johnson, says the time capsule will give the TCTC Students of 2062 a special insight into what the college was like in 2012.  Student Government Association President Donald Joslyn included the gavel he used in theSGA meetings.  Josyln says he wants the future students to understand the importance of getting involved atTriCountyTechnicalCollege.  The college opened in 1963 with fewer than 500 students and offered only 7 disciplines.  Since then, the college has grown nearly 7,000 students with four campuses, and offers multiple disciplines ranging from business and public service majors, to health care, to industrial and technical majors.



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