Water intrusion lawsuit trial could last three weeks

January 25, 2013

A legal dispute over problems at a Lake Keowee town home project involves so many defendants, so many lawyers that the trial, according to one court officer, could take as long as three weeks. And the lawsuit, now three years old, with the heading, Stoneledge at Lake Keowee Owners’ Association versus IMK Development Company, is inching its way to trial in the Oconee Common Pleas Court. Judge Alex Macaulay has been assigned the presiding judge in a case that features more than 20 plaintiffs, about 50 defendants, represented by more than 30 lawyers. Should it reach the courtroom in front of a jury, the case likely will center on allegation #62 in the 24-page, third- amended complaint: “The Plaintiffs have become aware of certain problems at the townhomes at the Project, including, but not limited to, water intrusion through the exterior cladding of the townhomes which has resulted in severe rot and deteriorated components of the Project.” And if it reaches the Oconee Courthouse 4th floor courtroom, the case will likely make for the longest civil trial since the Engelhard Plant accident case went to trial in 2008.






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