2062 students to enjoy blast from the past

To celebrate 50 years, Tri-County Technical College buried a time capsule that’ll give future students and administrators a glimpse of the college and its important events of 2012. The time capsule is small, hermetically-sealed cube containing symbolic items, It was buried yesterday by President Ronnie Booth and student leaders during a ceremony outside the Student Center. The capsule is to be unsealed in the year 2062 on the occasion of the college’s 100th anniversary. Donald Joslyn, president of the student government association, said the capsule will give students in 2062 a blast from the past. Joslyn said, However, what I have found over time is the things that really matter don’t really change and are timeless….it’s the relationships with people and the good feelings created through shared experiences that we carry forward with us to create a better world. Dignity, kindness, and respect are timeless qualities.”