9-11 memorial to serve dual purpose

If Jim Alexander and other volunteers call pull of their project, Oconee’s 9-11 Memorial will serve a dual purpose. Just to the north side of the new Walhalla High construction project, the memorial is to feature actual debris and other material from the locations where the U-S was attacked September 11, 2001—provided a $50 thousand fundraising goal is met. In one sense, the memorial will be a tool to help educate those with little or no knowledge of what’s considered the worst attack on U-S interests since Pearl Harbor. As Alexander told today’s meeting of the Oconee Alliance, there have been many children born in the U-S since 9-11 and, unless they’ve studied what happened, may know nothing at all about it. And that’s a major objective of the project to create an Oconee County memorial to the tragedy. Another purpose is enhancing tourism, as the memorial is being planned along highway 11—the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway.