9/18 Top Political Headlines

* NBC’s “First Read” has a take on the current state of the Mitt Romney campaign following the surreptitiously recorded video of Romney telling wealthy donors that “47%” of the country “who believe they are victims” will vote for Obama no matter what.  “What is so potentially deadly about this video is the timing, because it comes as the Romney campaign was already viewed to be behind and in crisis mode.”  In the meantime, Romney is getting support from real estate mogul Donald Trump, who appeared on NBC’s “Today” earlier to say the GOP candidate cannot apologize for his comments.

* NBC News reports on the operative that brokered the release of the secret video that has rocked the Romney campaign – James Carter, IV.

* Two new polls from Massachusetts:
Western New England University poll – Obama 60% – Romney 38%
Suffolk University poll:  Obama 64% – Romney 31%