A change in business as usual

After last year’s embarrassment, Oconee Medical Center seeks a change affecting a democratic process in the formation of its policy-making board. A tradition of yearly hospital association membership meetings has been the election of board members, on motions by association members attending the annual meeting. But last year the hospital struggled to get make a required 35-member audience to allow for the official transaction of hospital business. According to Hunter Kome, vice president for OMC operations, change is proposed at this year’s meeting to permit the board to choose its own members. This year’s meeting takes place 7:30 Thursday night, January 17 in the Oconee room on the ground floor of the hospital. All members of the public are invited, but only registered association members may vote when it comes to filling a seat on the board.  Here’s a correction to our earlier post.  Only those association members on record by December 31, 2012 are eligible to vote at the annual meeting, January 13, 2013.