A Clemson regulatory board feeling “pressure”

A regulatory board at Clemson is weighing citizen protest as it takes two more months before deciding whether another high-rise building may be added to the city’s landscape. Clemson resident Linda Gahan tells 96.3/WGOG NEWS that enough is enough, especially as it impacts her neighborhood behind College Avenue. A Clemson resident since 1968, Gahan was part of a large crowd at last night’s meeting of the Board of Architectural Review. The proposed building has made its way through other city hurdles, and Gahan says the board’s decision will determine whether the project becomes a go. “There is a proposed multi-use building for Clemson downtown that has an enormous scale,” Gahan told us. She said the building would be “four times the size of the Clemson House.” Those who’ve signed petitions seek a scale down in what would be a commercial space, a parking garage, and 305 student apartment units.