A complaint about the section on complaints

The way the law reads if you spot a zoning violation in Oconee County your complaint can’t be considered unless you live within the zoning district of the subject complaint. “FOLKS”—Friends of Lake Keowee—thinks that’s just wrong and wants Oconee County to remove Section 38-2.7 from the zoning enabling law which reads: “All complaints of violations shall be submitted in writing on a form provided by the Zoning Official. The complaint shall include a detailed description of the alleged violation, as well as the complainant’s name, address and signature. Complainants must reside within the same planning district in which the potential violation lies. All complaints shall be acted on within ten (10) days of submission. Anonymous reports of alleged violations will not be considered valid.” Ben Turetsky, FOLKS executive director, wants County Council to ask the county attorney to explain the legislative intent of the section and give an opinion as to its legality.