A new low in relations between OC and the JRSA?

“Like a poison pill” is the phrase used today by the chairman of the Oconee Joint Regional Sewer Authority to describe the JRSA’s reaction to finding out about an ordinance scheduled to be introduced at tonight’s meeting of the Oconee County Council. That ordinance, to be read on first reading, calls for detailed invoices from the JRSA as a condition for future payments. It also stipulates that the county administrator and a council member represent the county at future JRSA meetings. A $600 thousand annual payment by the county to the JRSA appears to be at the heart of this latest flap. Scott Parris of Walhalla, JRSA chairman, said Bob Winchester, JRSA director, has reached out on numerous occasions to try to improve communications between the two political entities. Attached to Parris’s statement to Oconee County news media are copies of what appear to be 25 documents provided to Oconee County related to funding provided by the county for sewer infrastructure in un-incorporated areas.