A Turning Point event

The Turning Point Church of God near Walhalla can be a turning point this month for Oconee and Anderson residents who have stopped reporting in to the state probation, parole and pardon offices in the two counties. According to Gerald Black, the Anderson Agent-in-Charge, and his Oconee counterpart, Greg Stewart, this is a joint effort by both counties to reach out. Stewart says a magistrate and circuit judge will be available, on the spot, to decide some cases. Stewart says, “It really is critical for people who have quit reporting and have warrants to come to us and get this taken care of.” And Black said, “if you are tired being on the run and want a chance to clear your name in a safe place then come to the Turning Point Church of God” on SC 11, one mile south of the 28 interchange, from 9 a-m to noon Thursday, September 27.