A word or two about the sewer vote

Oconee County administration is attempting today to set the record right as to next month’s sewer referendum. It says, “On November 6, 2012 voters will be asked to authorize Oconee County the use of available funds, special tax district funding, or property taxes as potential sources of funds for the ownership, construction and operational costs of future approved sewer projects in unincorporated areas of Oconee County. The passage of the referendum will not automatically result in the formation of a county-wide ‘sewer tax.’” It also adds this. If you don’t like the sewer projects Sewer South, Walhalla High School, and Echo Hills, don’t take it out on the referendum. According to the announcement that appears under the name of County Administrator Scott Moulder, “If the November, 2012 referendum is approved, none of the projects listed above would require any additional funding, and no new taxes would be need to be collected or general funds allocated to them.” All eligible county voters are allowed to vote in the referendum. On the October 21 and 28 ‘Community Sound Off’ we’ll repeat our sewer talks with both opponent Susie Cornelius and proponent Reg Dexter.