Accelerated timetable for GCCP sewer

Word is out of an accelerated timetable for laying sewer pipe to Golden Corner Commerce Park and having the empty Oconee industrial park ready for service. And Reg Dexter couldn’t be happier. Dexter is the county councilman in whose district GCCP is located and is one of the park’s strongest advocates. Dexter announced today the county has been told by the project’s engineers that the park should soon be ready to add sewer. “You will see some action,” Dexter predicts. And, he said, “We have people interested.” Richard Blackwell, economic development director, followed that by saying the URS Group thinks the shovels will be in the ground by fall and that URS has moved up the finish date to September 2014. Work continues to ready another park—the Industry and Technology Park, formerly called Echo Hills—but Blackwell says wet grounds have impeded the completion of the pad-ready sections of the park on highway 11.