“Active Shooter Training” Saturday

Oconee Sheriff’s Office has announced “active shooter training” Saturday on a school campus near Seneca. Those involved will practice an active shooter situation in which people are hurt at Oconee Christian Academy near SC 188. The training will run from 9 a-m until 1 p-m. Both the Sheriff’s Office and the school stress the event will be training only. No public action is required, and the training will not be open to the public. Taking part will be the “SWAT” team of the Sheriff’s Office, along with a newly-formed group of “SWAT” medics, consisting of OMC paramedics and county sheriff’s officers. “Routinely, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office conducts active duty shooter training in our public schools,” according to Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. “Most recently this year, the Oconee Medical Center gave us a location to give our officers a different perspective. This is another opportunity for law enforcement to learn about the Oconee Christian Academy facility to expand our training capabilities to be prepared in case something happens,” he said.