After eclipse, mass exodus

Oconeeans are seeing a return to normal traffic volumes now that their many eclipse visitors have departed.  For a time after the eclipse, however, traffic was heavy on many of the county’s major highways leading elsewhere.  Traffic backed up on ramps leading to Interstate-85.  Westminster was a prime example of heavy traffic–in a couple of directions.  Last evening traffic heading into Westminster from Seneca and Clemson was heavy, so was traffic heading into Westminster from Long Creek.  Oconee Economic Alliance transformed yesterday’s fun event into a networking opportunity at the Oconee Regional Airport where there were 101 parked airplanes that carried pilots and passengers from Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Massachusetts, and elsewhere.  Another eclipse gathering spot was the Bibb Street rodeo grounds in Westminster.  About 30 people experienced there what for many was a once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  You could hear their oohs and ahs from adjoining neighborhoods.