All’s well that ends well

On the day the demolition of the former West Union school is likely to begin, there is a degree of relief felt by those who tried to save the old building from the wrecking ball. Martha Moore says she and other members of the former West Union School Preservation Association succeeded last night in getting town council to sign off on a project to put up an historical marker depicting that once stood the town  public school. Moore said her group was pleasantly surprised that, as an adjoining property owner, West Union Town Council gave its consent to allowing the marker within state-right-of-way along highway 11. Because of previous disagreement between town leaders and the preservation group the official state marker has sat inside the Oconee Heritage Center in Walhalla. But, now Moore says, it can be dusted off and erected, as she has a letter of approval from Mike Smith, the resident maintenance engineer for the DOT.