An appeal denied, a variance granted

At Seneca City Hall, a variance to the zoning law was approved. In another case, an appeal was denied. The Board of Zoning Appeals heard comment from the audience, then made its rulings—both of which were 3-0 votes. A Central couple, Phyllis and Marshall Buchanan, were denied permission to place a mobile home for rent in a residential-15 zone at 710 S. Walnut Street—to fill a spot where another mobile home had stood more than two years ago. The Buchanans now have other options, including an appeal to the circuit court or, as suggested by the city’s Ed Halbig, they could apply to rezone their property. A first-year resident of the Grover Square subdivision, Patrick Mize, received permission to vary from a rear setback requirement by five feet so that he may construct a two-door, vinyl sided garage on his property at 847 Perkins Creek Road. A neighboring couple had sent the board a letter of opposition to the variance application and a third Grover Square resident had several questions about his neighbor’s plans.