An insider’s view of Streetscape

A Walhalla property owner who is an experienced builder gave the mayor and city council what amounted to classroom instruction, as the city embarks on a major project to inject new life into its downtown business section. The project is called Streetscape. Trehel Corporation co-owner Neal Workman gave Mayor Edwards and four of the six council members attending last evening’s work session an outline of what they can expect, as well as the effect of what, for now, is unknown before Main Street asphalt, the concrete sidewalks, and utility lines are dug up. Before anything else, Workman advised, Walhalla’s leaders should check with the DOT to make sure the state agency is OK with the changes. He then recommends that the city make sure that its procurement code permits enough flexibility to negotiate and hire the kinds of engineers, architects, and contractors who can do the job satisfactory to the city. “You are the ones in charge” is something Workman repeated during the one-hour work session. Much of Workman’s presentation dealt with the mechanics of selecting the companies that will do the work—whether it’s design-build or construction management at-risk. Workman’s company has been contracted as construction management company-at risk to build the new high school. In a question-answer period, Workman stressed the importance of communication with downtown merchants