An update on what happened to visiting team

More than a week has gone by since a group of visitors to Seneca became the victims of a crime for which the motive is not easily explained. The theft of $9 thousand equipment belonging to a Sumter baseball team remains under investigation by the Oconee Sheriff’s Office. A Crimestoppers (864/638-STOP) reward remains posted for information that helps leads to the arrest of those responsible for the theft outside the Quality Inn on High Tec Road. The Sumter team took part in the recent Dixie Boys tournament played at the Shaver Recreation Complex. Comments aired on 96.3/WGOG NEWS by Rick Lacey, Seneca Recreation Director, gave the impression that insurance policies would compensate the Sumter team for the financial loss of its catchers’ equipment and other property. Turns out, at least so far, there is no such coverage that would apply. Even if there is, new equipment will not necessarily replace old equipment, as explained by Michael James, an assistant Sumter coach. “The value of this equipment is priceless. Most of the gloves and gear were used last year on this team’s World Championship run in the Jr. Dixie Boys,” James said. Seneca’s Lacey is apologetic for the crime that befell Sumter apparently while its players and coaches slept before starting tournament play. As the Oconee Sheriff’s Office tries to solve the crime, a lingering question is why someone would steal equipment belonging to a children’s team. At first, the visitors from Sumter thought they had been the victims of a random act. They have since been given indication the theft occurred with a purposeful intent and have provided that information to the Sheriff’s Office as a potential lead in the investigation.