Anticipating Tuesday’s vote results

The first Oconee County Council election of the year will make for highly-anticipated results. Special primary day next week will be Tuesday, April 1. And voting takes place at six precincts covering council district #3. The precincts are Newry, Utica and Seneca 1-4. Joy Brooks, county elections director, says there are a number of ways to find out the results as soon as they are available. Personnel are required to post their results at their individual precincts before they transport the votes to the conference room at the county administrative complex in Walhalla. The county seat of government is key, however, because that’s where other votes, such as absentee, are added to the mix. And it’s where all of the votes are totaled to arrive at an unofficial result—-which will remain unofficial until the county election commission certifies it two days later. Tuesday’s contest between Republicans Paul Cain and Andy Inabinet, in effect, decides which of the two men fills the remaining months of the term of the late Archie Barron. But Tuesday won’t be the only time for Cain and Inabinet to meet at the polls. They both are signed up as candidates to run in the June regular primary to be their party’s nominee to run in the November General Election for the full, four-year #3 term.