Attempted robbery at 3 a-m

As a woman driver pulled up at a Seneca bank ATM drive-thru, a man with a gun ran up beside her car and tried to rob her. The crime occurred around 3 a-m Friday at Bank of America on the Sandifer Boulevard. Police Chief John Covington says several good fingerprints have been obtained from the victim’s vehicle. Investigators have also worked to obtain security video from the bank and several surrounding businesses. They are trying to determine if footprints and tire tracks near the Bank of America may be related to the attempted robbery. Covington said, “We would like to remind the public to always be extra cautious and observant for suspicious people and vehicles when utilizing ATMs at night.” Anyone with information on the case should call the Seneca police at 864/885-2718 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888/CRIME SC.”