Bank fraud suspect found after six years

The police are reporting an arrest in a case of bank fraud in Seneca—-six years ago. Law enforcement records show a 48-year old woman has been extradited from an Atlanta area jail and is now being held in Oconee County, charged with defrauding Palmetto Bank in the amount of $18 thousand. According to authorities, Gail Vernica Daniels of Woodstock, Georgia was placed into custody by the Seneca police yesterday at the Fulton County, Georgia Jail and transported to the Oconee County Jail in Walhalla.  Seneca Chief John Covington said his department received a teletype that Daniels was being held in Fulton County.  An arrest affidavit signed by a Seneca police officer in 2007 alleges Daniels deposited checks from three different banks into an account at the Palmetto Bank, knowing at the time the checks were deposited that no monies were in the accounts at the other banks. The investigating officer in 2007 believed the businesses on which the checks were drawn were fictional. At the time, the police believed Daniels lived in Columbia.