Bartee’s qualifications under microscope

The 10th Circuit’s chief prosecutor, Chrissy Adams, hammered away today at the issues that arose in last year’s civil court squabble over whether James Bartee was ever eligible to run for Sheriff and, if he had won, whether he could have been certified in time to serve. At a hearing where it appeared a ruling would be made, none was made because on that afternoon, May 30, 2012, Bartee was arrested in the Anderson Courthouse and charged criminally with solicitation to commit a felony. Today, as Adams cross-examined Bartee, the judge sustained a defense objection to the word “arrogant” which Adams used to describe Bartee’s attitude that he was “over-qualified” when, in fact, according to Adams, Bartee had been told by the lawyer for the state Criminal Justice Academy that he might have “a qualification deficiency” as early as one year before he became a candidate. Adams also questioned Bartee about a series of emails between the defendant and Jimmy Williams. The retired judge wanted a meeting to discuss his eligibility to run. But Bartee said, at the time, he didn’t know who Williams was.