Basking in the glow of the Plastic Products announcement

At its meeting today, the Oconee Economic Alliance basked in the glow of securing the expansion of a plastic products company from Minnesota to set up a 77-employee operation near Seneca, in an existing building behind the Lowe’s Store. Richard Blackwell, the alliance executive director, noted that in 2014 it’s not easy to attract a new employer, but he credits a team approach for this success. And apparently there are a couple of more on the way early next month. Blackwell referred to code-named project “Plume” scheduled for a first reading next month. A second code-name is applied to Project “May.” Invitations have gone out announcing that “May” will consolidate its U-S manufacturing operations and its U-S/Canada headquarters in Oconee County. The investment $8.2 million in new construction is to include a 32 thousand square foot office building and a 10 thousand square foot recycling center in Oconee. And, for those whose palate cries out for something new, Blackwell dropped a hint that the New Spring Church development near U-S 123 and 93 could include an Olive Garden restaurant or something similar.