Being a “good corporate partner”

The switch of properties for Pioneer Rural Water District’s treatment plant will benefit both Pioneer and Oconee County, according to an explanation this morning from County Administrator Scott Moulder. The 70 acres of Oconee County property designated for the plant is outside the boundaries of the Golden Corner Commerce Park. The county will retain ownership of a smaller size of property within the park for the purpose of freeing up that parcel for a potential industrial prospect in the future. As to whether the future is at hand for such a prospect, Moulder addressed that this way: “There’s a lot of speculation out there….If there was, I wouldn’t be at liberty to discuss that matter at this point.” The original deal between Pioneer and the county would have had Pioneer pay for property inside the park. The property outside the park is being given. Moulder said the county is acting as a “good corporate partner,” realizing that by changing plant locations Pioneer will have to absorb extra costs for re-permitting and a new plant design.