Boil water advisory to end by noon

A Seneca spokesman quotes the utilities director as saying the boil water advisory that applies to rural sections of the city’s water service territory should expire by the noon hour. But Seneca’s Riley Johnson says until then customers should continue to boil water vigorously for up to one minute before drinking or cooking purposes. A water main break was the culprit. The following areas are covered in the advisory: Luther Land Road, Petty Road, and subdivisions Owens, Beacon Shores, Saxony Forest, Clearwater, Westwood Bay, White Harbor, and Lakeside Estates. City of Walhalla announces the advisory also covers Keowee School Road/highway 188, Evatt Road, Knox Road south of Evatt Road, Fisherman’s Lane, Pointe Harbor Drive, Logan Hill Drive, Pointe West Drive, McDonald Point, Ellenburg Road, Knox Landing Road, Knox Campground Road, Talco Trail, Charlie’s Way, and Walker Point. Officials say the water should be fine for laundering and showering, as long as the tap is run sufficient to rid the water of any cream-like color.