Company to make overseas headquarters in Oconee

A groundbreaking ceremony this morning will signal China-based TDC Cutting Tools’ intent to make Oconee its overseas headquarters.  Ground is to be broken for $8.2 million of construction on the grounds of TDC’s subsidiary, Greenfield Industries on U-S 123.  The new TDC Overseas campus will include a 32 thousand square foot office building and a 10 thousand square foot recycling center alongside Greenfield’s existing 168 thousand square foot facility.  According to announcements this morning from state authorities, Greenfield recently consolidated its U-S manufacturing operations and both its U-S and Canadian headquarters at the Davis Creek Road site near Seneca.  In the near future, the company also plans to establish its Outside of China Golbal Operations headquarters in Seneca.  Oconee’s Davis Creek Road site won out over other locations in Chicago and Switzerland.  TDC Cutting Tools and Greenfield Industries manufacture and sell drills, taps, end mills and other cutting tools.  The company intends to hire sales personnel and sales support staff to manage the growth and expansion in the U-S and Canadian markets.  Applicants interested in applying for the available positions with TDC Cutting Tools or Greenfield Industries may contact Senior Talent Development Specialist Julie Cook at