County-municipal confab tomorrow night

Oconee County and the cities are headed to the meeting table for the purpose of resolving differences that potentially impede economic development. Paul Corbeil, the District One county councilman, announced last night the meeting of the minds will take place in an open, public meeting planned at 5:30 tomorrow evening at Seneca’s Cross Creek Plantation. “We, the Oconee County Council would like to sit down with cities of Seneca, Walhalla, and Westminster who, according to the Joint Sewer Authority, have the authority to make decisions in terms of the working relationship between the county and the cities,” Corbeil told reporters last night at the Seneca City Hall. The councilman said it’s important to identify key issues. One key issue is likely to be that $610 thousand annual payment from the county to the Joint Regional Sewer Authority, whose members are the three cities. Two of the city councils recently voted against the idea of releasing the county from the financial commitment.