CU bike survey shows women and helmets are scarce

More men than women shift gears at Clemson University. According to a report on bike ridership and walking, nearly 80 percent of the bicyclists riding to and from campus are males. The Clemson Bicycle and Pedestrian 2013 Count Report helps leaders consider the opportunities to support the use of alternative modes of transportation on the campus. Data from the count enables campus planners and campus life leaders to learn more about the bicycle riding and pedestrians on campus by tallying bicycle and pedestrians at specific locations. The report says campus leaders first must reverse the trend of bicycle riders not wearing helmets. The report also highlights the gap in ridership between men and women bicycle riders on the campus. More men are riding bikes than women at Clemson. According to the report, looking at what discourages women from riding bikes and addressing those concerns would be an important step toward increasing the total number of bicycle riders and the percentage of female riders at the university.