Defense lawyer discloses new strategy

James Bartee’s defense lawyer says normally he won’t attempt to try a case in the press. But Jake Moore says he’s making an exception when it comes to defending Bartee, a former Oconee Sheriff’s candidate, from the criminal allegation of solicitation to commit a felony. And the reason, he says, is widespread attention created by Bartee’s arrest last year. In an interview today with reporters, Moore disclosed he’s going to file additional motions for his client. Moore said both he and the office of 10th Circuit Solicitor are still awaiting a judge’s ruling on other motions heard during a hearing last month in Anderson. In those motions, the Bartee side seeks the dismissal of the criminal charge at the pre-trial stage, contending the arrest of his client was illegal. But should the case of the state of South Carolina against James Richard Bartee go to trial, Moore says he wants it to be tried in front of an Oconee County jury. The defense lawyer says his side will not seek a change of venue.