Does Paul Cain still have a chance May 20?

Paul Cain lost the special Oconee Republican primary April 1 for Seat Three, Oconee County Council. However, from information received by 96.3/WGOG NEWS, Cain could still win on a write-in during the special May 20 general election. Cain’s opponent, Andy Inabinet, goes into next month’s election the only ballot candidate. But there is to be space on that ballot to write-in a candidate. The director of public information and training for the state Election Commission, Chris Whitmire, says, “…if Cain is qualified to hold the office and receives the most votes as a write-in, he would win.” However, according to Whitmire, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Whitmire’s email to us states, “Another facet to this is the party pledge that would have been signed by Cain in filing for the party’s nomination. If Cain were to begin campaigning as a write-in candidate, the party pledge gives the party the option of seeking a court injunction ordering him to stop. However, this does not preclude voters from writing Cain in or from Cain winning the office. It simply allows the party to stop Cain from doing any active campaigning….”