Dr. Howiler looks back at 10 years

A retired doctor living in the far western Oconee County community of Madison can look back these days on ten years as part of the policy-making board of Oconee Medical Center. Dr. Bill Howiler spent eight of those years as board chairman until January 1, when OMC rules required him to vacate his seat after two straight, 4-year terms. In a reflective interview, Howiler today marveled at the changes—not the least of which was a name change for the hospital at Seneca. He also touched on what the future might hold for what’s technically still a community hospital, though officially a not-for-profit corporation. And Howiler talks about the potential that the strain on small hospitals might force Oconee to some day to consider a further collaboration with larger out-of-county hospitals. All of this from Dr. Bill Howiler can be heard today on 96.3/WGOG NEWS.