EDC asked to support agri-business

Attorney Paul Cain says those interested in furthering the business of agriculture want Oconee County to be to agriculture what Greenville is to transportation. Cain, along with Gwen McPhail and others, spoke at today’s meeting of the Oconee Economic Development Commission. The commissioners received copies of a plan to make Oconee County an agriculture business center of economic development. The county’s EDC, for long, has immersed itself in industrial manufacturing, but Chairman Hank Field and others say they see the benefits of agriculture to Oconee County. Gwen McPhail, part of a long-time family farm at Tokeena-Crossroads, told the commissioners there are currently about 800 farms in Oconee County. She is part of a committee working to open the first countywide farmers market in May, as well as some day build livestock and equine facilities and cannery and food processing centers.