Election “Glitch” Fixed

The election “glitch” which disqualified a number of candidates in South Carolina’s 2012 elections has been fixed.  That’s according to State Senator Thomas Alexander. Alexander addressed the Oconee Alliance Thursday afternoon. He said the changes in the state law now separate the requirement of filing economic interests statements and election filing. The responsibility for filing those economic interests now fall to the local election commissions. Both Alexander and State Representative Bill Sandifer addressed the Oconee Alliance, explaining some of effects of the most recent legislative session. A number of issues were addressed in the legislative session including making public-private partnerships easier in the redevelopment and revitalization of abandoned buildings. Sandifer explained the increases in consumer protection such as increased regulations to prevent less reputable contractors from completing roof repairs.  The legislature also passed measures to prevent the enforcement of South Carolina’s international building codes which were not practical for builders and contractors.